Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big Changes In A Little Life

So the past month has been pretty hectic. My new job at MShack has excelled into something I didn't think would happen so soon. According to both of the GMs I am up for a promotion to be a manager. I've only been working there for a month, but I've been working my tail to the bone. I've worked a few doubles and taken pretty much everybody's shift that needs covered. I've been just so thankful that this job actually has the hours to offer me so that I can make the amount of money that I've been looking to make for some time now.
 I've been on this new workout kick. My co-worker Curtis wants to be a personal trainer so I guess I've became his guinea pig and we started working out together after our shifts. I've learned that my mind has put restraints on what my body is capable of. I've learned to tune out those little voices in the back of my head saying that I'm too tired to continue and the self conscious part of myself getting sweaty and not looking cute has been kicked to the curb. After a work out no one cares what you look like, like they say, if you still look cute after a work out you didn't work hard enough.
 In my short 18 years of being blessed to be on this wonderful earth I have learned quite a few things about how to live and how to stay humble.
 A few things have gone on the past few days that have put things into perspective. I'm 18 years old but I'm mature enough to know what I need and what needs to happen and I feel that I'm ready to be on my own. Its all a matter of finding the right place (maybe with the right person) at the right price just to put this plan into motion. I'm currently frantically looking for a room to rent out or a roommate to take with me on this journey. It kind of sucks that I have no friends from high school to call up and offer the position to.. but C'est Le Vie. I'm terrified to be living on my own but I'm also super excited to start this new chapter of my life.

With a Hopeful Heart. xoxo