Friday, December 5, 2014

Sometimes keeping your head up is just what you need to do

It's been a roller coaster the past month.
The happiness I found a month ago was taken from me far too quickly, and caused me to kind of have a downward spiral into my depression. For some reason the short time I was with him, made me feel like everything was going to be okay. He made me believe that he wanted to help with Scarlet and be a part of her life and then up and leaves to go back to his ex. Now, with me chasing him, I'm no longer good enough. I really don't think that I will ever understand how men's minds work. Another thing I really and truly don't understand; we were together for a few short weeks yet I grew so very attached to him.
My depression, as I mentioned before has been fully taking charge in my life lately. Trying to stay positive when I am now out of a job, no longer have a man in our lives, and are in reality out of a home, it's really discouraging. I talked to my doctor about my depression she said all of the things I already know to do to help fight my depression and then suggested for me to go talk to someone about whats going on *like a therapist*. What do I tell him/her? I'm a 19 year old single mother who really just wants to be loved and shown affection but can't seem to be good enough for anyone or anything? How I'm terrified that I'm not going to be a good mother that will be able to provide for her daughter? How I'm scared that postpartum is going to kick me in the face and I wont be able to take care of her properly?
Why do I have such a dependability on men being in my life to make me happy? I don't understand why my mind works like this.
Scarlet is doing okay still, I hope. My doctor told me that I'm measuring slightly smaller than I should be so she scheduled an ultrasound for my next doctors appointment to make sure everything is still going okay. I'm not gonna lie, it most definitely is making me worry about how she's growing in there.. I just want to be told everything is going fabulously and that my daughter is healthy inside me. I mean but I need to stay positive about her health because she really is all I have. It's just Scarlet and I against the world.
Today I am 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant and getting ever so uncomfortable. 

Trying my hardest to be a hopeful mommy

P.s. I guess my title of my blog is fairly relevant to my life, huh?