Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas is in the air FINALLY!

It's amazing and finally December and we have only had one really good now this season thus far. With threats of snow, yet nothing stinking unfortunately.
This Thanksgiving went as expected with the love of my life. I spent my Thanksgiving with my Joseph and Scarlet, balancing the holiday between mine and his families. I didn't know how much I was missing not having a person I truly care about for the holidays. I LOVED splitting my holiday.
The love I have for this amazing man honestly makes my mind spin. He is currently not been with me  this week but Scarlet, Amanda and I have been watching over the house to make sure it's okay. I've talked to him daily, and he seems okay, just ready to come home to us.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder, from what I've heard, and I've never QUITE believed this until I've had to experience it this week.
Being in love is such a wonderful feeling. And being in love with your best friend? It's like you're on cloud nine.
Now I finally have my desk at the store front at my insurance job and I love it. I quit Hooters because making $45 for a 9hr shift is so unacceptable. I'm an hourly babe. Serving isn't my thing I guess.

I'm tired and have writers block.