Saturday, January 4, 2014

Not So Insecure

Have you ever found that moment in life when you're just comfortable? Maybe its with the way you're living your life, or maybe its a significant other. Either way, you're comfortable and it's a good feeling. Well I think I've finally found that feeling.
I remember when we were making our way up to NYC and we ended up stopping in Charlotte for the night. Heather Shaw and I slept on the roof and just talked about life. Heather told me that I should talk to the universe more.. She said I needed to take what I wanted in life bottle it up, close my eyes and just release it into the universe and let the universe do with it what it would like. I was confused what that meant at the time, but I think I get it, finally.
When you stop freaking out about life and just kinda roll with the punches, it ends up to actually be a good time. I stopped trying to be so controlling over every little detail and life is falling slowly into place.
I thought I lost my being comfortable after I left NYC, I honestly thought I left all of me there somewhere on the sidewalks of Manhattan. It was here the hole time.

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