Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Welcome September

Everyone loves the upcoming months here in the Midwest, the sweaters, the tall socks and boots start coming back out of storage. (The cute boots, the ones you wouldn't dare to wear in snow) I feel like it's been such a long time since I've seen September or any of the cold, wonderful winter months. The past few years I've been in Florida for these wonderful months. No changing of the leaves, no real gradual cool off, it's hot as shit one day, and freezing cold the next. Here in the Midwest it's so wonderful and gradual, the leaves start falling, the grass starts dying and spirits are reluctant to give up the warmth yet are hopeful for Christmas and New Years.
You see, I am very excited for the winter months, the further we get into the winter months the closer I get to meet my baby (January 14). I say bring on the cold! It's been so long since I've seen snow or the leaves change color I'm anxious to see the change!
Slowly everything is working to get into place. I have a job at Zumiez, its this cute little surf shop in the mall. All of my paper work for Medicaid is turned in and I'm just waiting for the government to get their ass in gear and approve it so I can get into the doctor! I've applied for a few housing apartments and I'm anxious to sleep in my own bed.
Baby News; Well baby is being very very active in there. I make it a point to talk and rub my belly every day. It's honestly amazing talking to your belly and your baby kicking you after you say something. It's such a great feeling that baby hasn't even met you yet and baby knows that you're mommy and you're the best thing since pumpkin pie (the feeling is COMPLEATLY mutual).
Spiritual News; My dear friend Carrie Ford has opened my eyes to a lot since being home and being reunited with her. I've been learning about Auras, Shakras, Pendulum Readings and different energies that different things carry like stones. I've invested in 3 things to help with my personal aura and energy; I have a stick of sage to help get rid of any negative energies in the apartment (and my body), I have a pendulum to help me communicate with my Spirit Guides and the Universe, and I have a bracelet made of Moon Stone and Onyx. Moon Stone is to help with pregnancy. and Onyx is to help ward any negative. Upon asking Carrie's pendulum who my Spirit Guides are, we saw that Matthew DeFreeuw, my late cousin who took his like at a young age is one of my Guides and knowing that made me feel so amazing to know that he's been with me even though we weren't as close as I once hoped that we'd be.
I think that this is all I need to report on, baby is kicking and I'm beginning to realize I'm getting hungry (when am I not nowadays)

With love and hope.

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