Friday, January 9, 2015

A Whole New Beginning

"New Year, New Me" that is what everyone seems to rant and rave come the first of the year, every year with seldom any real change.
2014 was one hell of a year for me. It brought so much heartache, love and things to be thankful for I don't think we have enough time to even begin. I will, instead focus on the now, being that that IS all that matters anymore.
I brought in 2015 in on the best note I could have EVER asked for, but lets rewind and talk about the pregnancy. Come week 36 the doctors told me that I was considered a "High Risk Pregnancy" and that they'll "have to keep an eye on everything". What does that mean you ask? I was scheduled for an Ultrasound every week along with NSTs (Non-Stress Tests) to monitor Scarlet and make sure she's moving around okay, in my tummy and doing the things a baby that far along should be doing. On the day of my week 38 Ultrasound I was told they are going to have to induce me in the next three days and no longer.. I asked why and I was informed that Scarlet had stopped gaining weight and that she was actually losing weight and that there may be something wrong with the Amniotic Sac she's in. Inner Uterine Growth Restriction, that is what she was diagnosed with.. Obviously terrified and slightly excited I started calling and texting everyone saying SURPRISE! Well, while everyone else was busy being hungover or cleaning up after the party from New Years Eve the night before, I was on my way to the hospital, scheduled to be induced at 8:30 that morning.
It took almost a full 24 hours before she finally decided it was time to come out. 7:21 the morning of January 2nd, 2015 Scarlet May McLane all 5 Pounds and 18.5 Inches of her arrived in this bright and cold world and I fell utterly head over heals in love.
Loving a child is like a love I can't even begin to describe. It's like feeling the warm sun on your face after a bone chilling winter. It's like coming home after being away for some time.
I don't believe I have ever been so proud of something I've been a part of until I look at my beautiful daughter. She really is my everything and so much more. I really and truly can't wait to see what the future has in store for us.

With love and a hopeful mind


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