Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Change is What Helps the World Move Forward

This past few months have been a whirlwind of emotion, love, stress, paper work, and did I mention love?

Scarlet will be 16 months on the second.. Where did the time go? She started walking right around a month ago and she's doing SOO good. I'm so proud of her and her human legs. She has to be the smartest most beautiful girl I know. I keep saying, she's got her daddy's smarts and her momma's looks, she's going to dominate the world.
These past two months, though, I've been working on getting approved for Scarlet and I's first apartment. This morning  I signed the correct paperwork and have my keys in hand for our apartment. It's so perfect for Scarlet and I. It's a small 2 bedroom 1.5 bath but it's perfect for us. I'm so happy she and I can finally actually unpack. For me it's been working on two years of couch hopping and every few months finding somewhere new to stay. Now? We're home.
Such an amazing feeling that most people take for granted.
A home. A steady place to lay your head and just spread out in.

Joseph and I are doing really well. We've been working on building our relationship to where we need  it to be again. We've had quite a few speed bumps but I'm hopeful that if we're both willing to try, that we'll come out just fine in the end.

This is my finial week at Health Markets, I started my other job at Wake Side Marine a few weeks back and Health Markets is beginning to not work out so I'm moving to other opportunities but not burning bridges. Silas and I both agreed that this wasn't working but that he still wanted to keep me around for side jobs like helping filing at his home and mailers and stuff like that.

I also started my sleeve a few months back as well, only two pieces but it's getting there, and with my baby arms they will be full in no time. On my forearm I have a Hamsa Hand, which is pretty much a form of protection, it helps bring the owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune, and on my wrist next to my little heart, I put the word Time, to just simply remind myself that everything takes time.

When you think the world is out to get you, and you feel like not getting out of bed or just giving up. Just remind yourself that every heartbreak, every bad day and every thing that goes "wrong" in your life, is just getting you ready for a blessing.

Feeling amazing.

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