Saturday, August 17, 2013

Good and Bad

It happens in threes right? Well here I am, on job three and tomorrow night will be day three of me working at MShack in Atlantic Beach. The past two shift have been a wonderfully horrid mixture of me being stressed about me messing up and my becoming comfortable with the new job and new rules. This job is so opposite from Tcby. You know how you enter every job and your boss is like "There is always something to be done"? At MShack I always find myself on the move, cleaning something, learning something else, making something. It's kind of stressful relearning everything again from computers to food. I'm kind of thankful I still have the excuse that I'm training.. The customers always calm down a bit after you throw that little sweetheart at them. Tomorrow night is my third and final night of my "Training" which means I get tips not this shift but the next shift. Hooray for cash money though, that'll be really nice to have in my pocket. Working at such a crazy pace, it really takes it out of you, and you don't realize how much your legs and feet hurt after your shift until you sit down and you're like.. Well CRAP! Anyhow, wish me luck and come visit your girl at MShack!

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