Thursday, October 31, 2013

I heard its an additction

It has been decided, my next major purchase is going to be a tattoo. I've been thinking long and hard about getting one for some time now and I do believe it's time. Part of me wants to wait to see what is going to happen with modeling and all of that but honestly, lately I've been giving up. I've been told I need to be thinner by so many people and honestly I want to say fuck off. I think my body is just fine, yeah, it may not be perfect, but I think its just fine. I don't feel I need to be 90 pounds to have my career go anywhere. And I'm sorry to anyone who takes offence by reading this buuut, annnywhooo. A tattoo I'm thinking on my arm, and in French, I already have a few quotes picked out and approved by Madame Johnson, but you'll see the finished piece when its done, no sneaky peaky for you!
Living with John and Cooper has been a living dream, I've gained two men that I know will always have my back and I feel confident that I will be their hag for some time. Today is Halloween and we all plan on going to Bo's Coral Reef, a gay bar in Jax Beach, to enjoy our night. Last time we went there it was just so much fun, we played pool and just enjoyed ourselves the entire time it was so nice to just have a night out with my boys.

Tonight I go as a skeleton.

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