Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Whats The Point If You've Got One?

A lot has gone down in the past few weeks, I've moved out of my mom's house into an apartment a block from the beach with John and Cooper. I'm so happy that those two are my roommates. This past Friday I spent 20 dollars on a ticket to Mayday Parade. I was so worth it. I got to see two of my favorite bands ever, Cartel and Mayday Parade. I met some awesome people in line waiting to go inside Freebird Live in Jax Beach, as well. We all ended up all hanging out and freaking out about Mayday. When Cartel came out I think I was one of the only ones actually jumping around and singing along to their songs but that's alright. I had such a blast at the show. Mayday Parade was just as amazing as I remembered them 2 years ago in my sophomore year when they came here with Go Radio.
The living situation is working out thus far without a hitch.
This blog post is kind of crappy and not very fun because I'm kind of in a time crunch, I've got to be in work in 45 minutes.

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