Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Counting the days

Notice how I'm no longer counting. Notice how I no longer have any want or drive to count the days because I feel if I count the days that we have been here, will make it even more known and obvious as to when we leave this wonderful place. We have a little over a week left here in New York/ New Jersey.. I don't want to leave.. I miss home, I miss my Munkie and my mommy and my best friend but that's all I really have in Jacksonville. New York, to be honest, is just like Jacksonville, still so new and still so much to explore, but I'm ready to get out of Jacksonville, that's probably why I'm so anxious to move here.
Yesterday, Melissa, Heather, and I all had a shoot with Brittani Gordon Bowman of Brittania Garden Photography (our house mother) and John Perez. I'm suuuper excited to see all the pictures. We shot for a good five hours and I feel like we got some good pictures. I cant wait to send them into Direct Model Management. I need a New York Agency I feel.. Jacksonville will get me a few jobs but I need more, you know? This shoot I feel had the opportunity to show off my new hair and my new confidence in myself. John and Brittani both have such different styles I can't wait for the final product. The picture above is just a behind the scenes picture, just a fun few pictures.

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