Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 14

Today was nothing short of an adventure for me. Today I hit the city all by my lonesome to meet up with some friends. I was a little behind schedule to begin with (whats new) but thinking I knew where I was going, I headed for the trains. The first two trains, of course, just like every other time we go in to the city, never change, but then it was up to me, to find my way to my destination. My destination, may I say and that was later pointed out to me, was not even 5 minutes from New York Penn Station. Asking for directions and trying to find my way, I end up getting on the right train, but going the wrong direction.. D Train, headed downtown.. When I needed to head Uptown Manhattan. An hour into my train ride I realize that it's getting more and more ghetto. Slightly frightened I text Austin and come to find out, I was actually so far away from where I should have been it's not even funny. I was in deep Brooklyn. Not really that scary, but it was more of the fact everything becomes more scary when you're lost and alone. I gather myself and get on the right train and head back to where I should be. I call Austin head for Soho, and tell him I think I am where I should be, I walk a few blocks and there he is. Tall, handsome, and showing a mocking smile. I get some crap from Austin and Derek his friend and we go and get lunch because by this time, my stomach is eating itself. After food we head for Austin's aunts house. which was a journey itself. We had to get onto the ferry to go to New Jersey, which, I know this may seem silly, was really confusing. Upon arriving in New Jersey we had the honor of climbing sets upon sets of stairs to arrive to his Uncles house. The pool, calling, yearning, for us to jump in. It was such a wonderful and stressful day. I'd do it again any day. I'm so excited to call this place my home.

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