Friday, July 12, 2013

Day Five/Six

The past two days we have all just been chilling at home, just enjoying not spending any money and each other's company. Netflix has become our best friend and the floor, which is my bed is becoming less and less comfortable.
The house we're staying in was built in 1895. It's a sweet little house, in a nice, established neighborhood. Tall beautiful trees surround the house and even more beautiful flowers take over the back yard. Before we arrived at our humble abode on the third floor of this home, we all for some reason decided to discuss our ghost encounters. Brittani whom has encountered a bit more than the rest of us, decided to tell us some stories. Me, being the believer that I am, listened to said stories with open ears and heart.
This house has, honestly given me the creeps since we stepped foot in it's house, and upon doing research about the house and seeing it's age, rightfully so. Tonight, Heather decided to pull me out of Melissa and I's room to tell me that Brittani had saw something last night.. She told Heather and I that she did see a ghost, and that the ghost tapped her headphone she was wearing that night while watching documentaries on her laptop. Freaked out, Melissa comes storming out of the room in turn scaring Heather and I. You see, Melissa get's kind of freaked out easily and talking about said ghosts I feel triggered it even more. We have all felt a presence in the house ever since we have arrived. Melissa and I are staying in a room with a mixture of tribal pieces and kids toys.. Interesting mixture I noticed, but have said nothing until tonight.. Why would there be Legos in a room too high for a child to reach? Why would there be glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling and why if one of the stickers fell off why would you staple it back onto the ceiling? Why not throw it away? Well tonight a few of those questions were answered. Brittani thought she felt a presence but ignored it until she saw it. She saw a shadow, an apparition of a child, seeming to be curious as to what she was doing on her computer. Brittani told us that this child made it's way over to her as she watched the documentaries. She said that she felt a presence hovering over her shoulder, as a child would, then, the child, tapped on her headphones. Brittani knowing about the supernatural, ignored it. She pretty much told the universe that we are here for good, and mean no harm. This apparition I feel meant no harm, just a child, a curious child, trying to see what we're doing in their house. I'd be curious too. I'm beginning to notice myself growing more and more curious as to what went down in these walls..

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