Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day Ten

I cannot believe that we have been here for ten wonderful days. Lately, we have just been hanging out around Jersey and just exploring here, but today we went to the city. A few days earlier, Melissa and I went to the city to just walk about and see everything. Sitting at Bryant Park, we are approached by a man named Tony and asked us if we wanted to play Ping Pong. His handsome friend we later find out who's name is Austin stood over with him. Today, Heather, Melissa and I, are sitting in Bryant Park, just watching the jugglers when I get a text from this mysterious man. Austin. I later talk him into joining us. He takes us away from our serenity to see a better view of New York City. He takes us to the top floor of a building we've passed several times before. When we've arrived at the top, the view. It was breath taking. We all talked about Heather and I's move to the big city and all that.. We later go to a little hole in the wall place for drinks and food. Later, walking around, we all decide to head for the river. A beautiful view was before us. Everything about this city is so wonderful to me it's kind of ridiculous. After my long, and rather tiresome day, I bid you goodnight. After talking to this handsome man. I've decided if I want to better my career I need to start with me. I'm waking up early for a run.. We'll see how this goes.

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