Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day Four

So, we are coming to the close of Day Four. Today Melissa and I were on our own. Heather had plans to meet up with some people today in the city. I, honestly, was extremely excited for it. It was kind of like a test, you know? A test on how well I have been paying attention to when Heather would tell us which stop to get off of and which train to get on to. Melissa and I had a Casting Call at Red Model Management. After the casting we decided to get together with Heather to see how and where she was. At Bryant Park, Heather, Melissa and I sit, talk and people watch. Heather, whom has been feeling a bit under the weather, headed home to Jersey. Melissa and I took this opportunity to go do some shopping and wandering. Catching the eye of a few hunky business men, we walk. Passing all the office buildings and shops and we hit Forever21, it's 4 stories and just so wonderful I couldn't even grasp it. After a while Mel and I decide to head for home too.. Me, being the technologically challenged person I am, took us the like 15 blocks out of our way.. I realize we're like 2 miles away from where we should be. I'm learning slowly, my feet hate me and I'm so tired. I love NYC!

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