Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day Three

Soho, China Town and Little Italy. It's day three and I'm still so lost about how the subway works. We got ambushed by these guys right when we stepped foot off the subway and we couldn't escape. "ABORT! ABORT!" I text Heather and Melissa as we sit there trying so desperately to leave these guys. Bashing and back talking our motives and why we were there. Yeah, we're new here but, don't you dare second guess our motives. We're all here for the same thing. I refuse to quit. After we left because we were getting a fake call from Heather's friend. Thank the looord. After a bit of shopping in Soho and guy gawking we head for sushi. Headed for China Town we find this quaint little sushi restaurant. With some seriously good sushi. You know how when you travel and you stay in a place for a long amount of time you try and become familiar with things? We have found or sushi place. I now have one in Charlotte, Jacksonville and now New York City. We step out of the restaurant and notice it's beginning to drizzle, but we need to find our subway entrance.. So we turn on HopStop. Which of course didn't give us the directions we needed.. We ended up getting a little wet in the rain trying to find our hub after doing a giant U-Turn. Today was such a good day. It started late but honestly the city is even more wonderful when it's dark out.

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