Monday, July 8, 2013

Day Two,

Has come to a close and it was over all so wonderful. Swollen feet and all. My day started right around 10 with Melissa trying to wake me, and me, being the morning person I am, put my pink cheetah print blanket over my head and grunted groggily. A few minutes later I realize I really don't want to be left at home all day, so with sleepy eyes and shuffling feet, I gather myself and head for my roomies. I walk in, Melissa and Heather are getting (even more) beautiful for the day. Come to find out we are going to the city which I was very excited to hear. After my shower and being awoken fully by it's wonderful heat, I get myself ready for the day. White crop top, denim high waisted shorts and wedges. With my Raygun purse in hand we all head for the train. Two different train rides later, we see the New York skyline. A breathtaking view that I wish I could have captured. A few minutes later we arrive to our destination. New York City. The hustle and bustle is just like the movies. Maybe not as extravagant but still there. The atmosphere here is one that I will always remember. Everyone having to be somewhere, always in a rush. Then there is Melissa, Heather, and I. Strutting our stuff down 7th Ave. All in heels, all being our most fabulous. With my new Cat Eye sunglasses on and enough happiness and confidence to share, we walk. Ignoring all the comments and stares, we Pass shop, after shop, after shop we head for Victoria's Secret. Feeling like I belong on those walls we wander around and marvel it's wonders. After VS, we hit H&M, with only high waisted shorts in mind, I head in, with Heather and Melissa not far behind. After our shopping, we start walking again. Bryant Park, which is absolutely wonderful and surprisingly peaceful. After visiting the New York Public Library we head for Times Square. We wander for a while and then realize we are starvation central. So we head for a café and we all got an amazing salad. After a while more of  walking around and strutting in NYC we decide to head home. With swollen feet, I refuse to take off my wedges. I can't believe I went all day with them on. Day one complete. 30 more days. I can't wait to see what else New York has in store.

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