Sunday, July 7, 2013

We have arrived,

We are in New York City, my voice is currently hoarse and I smell like adventure. Upon arrival to the big city, Melissa and I went to see the wonderful Bobby Kelley of BobbyK Designs at his new and wonderful apartment in Brooklyn. With excited and tired hugs we all begin to catch up because we haven't seen him in a good 6 months. Talked some gossip and decided to take a walk.. An unexpected 3 mile walk later both Melissa and I are not verbally saying how much pain we are in but you can tell we're not use to this city life, just yet. We met up with the other part of our party (who stopped for brunch near Richmond) a few hours later, after we were done visiting with Bobby and his boyfriend Jonathan We went to our own apartment in New Jersey. It's the top level off a sweet older house on the outskirts of GHETTOVILLE! It was the straight hood before we got to our 'side of town'. As funny as that sounds.
Today has been a rollercoaster. Trying to understand and take in so much about this wonderful city is overwhelming to say the least. This is only day one and I need cuddles and a bucket of ice cream. I'm so stressed that something might go wrong. Might is such a misunderstood word by all of us. Might; a possibility. And that's just what that is just a possibility that something MAY pop up and MAY happen. I'm so thankful to have such wonderful friends to help me with this chapter of my life. Getting all my stuff from my car I was trying so hard to hide my tears and failing miserably.. Heather, the self proclaimed 'Part-Time Model, Part-Time Mom' noticed my problems and knew exactly what I needed.. She's me, but older, I swear. Tomorrow we walk. High heals on. Face pretty. We go take on the city. BRING IT.

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