Friday, July 5, 2013

The deciding day,

It's here, what to bring to NYC and what to leave behind. The packing is complete and my car is mostly packed. Every time I go through my room, though, I find one more thing I think I'll need to take with me. I told Melissa to take it easy on the packing because I didn't know if I was going to have enough room and I'm being a horrible hypocrite. "Three bags max" I say, I have four bags I'm bringing with me. The five piece luggage set my mom bought me as a Graduation/ Birthday gift is coming in great handy. I leave Jacksonville, FL at 7AM to get to Melissa's house in Kingsland, GA right around 8AM. That'll give me a few hours to visit with Mel's momma which I love dearly and which I haven't seen in ages, drink some coffee and maybe take a nap. Mel's momma is such a wonderful woman, such a delight to be around and talk to. The other part of our party (Heather and Britt) are leaving Jacksonville around 11 or so, so I'll have just enough time to visit with her.
Yesterday way the Fourth of July! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe day for America's Birthday! I spent my Fourth of July as a real beach bum. I put on my itty bitty bikini and took on the mile and a half bike ride, head on, to join my friends in the festivities. I guess here everyone starts partying and drinking around 10 IN THE MORNING! Who wants a beer at 10 in the morning? Not me! I joined all of my people around 1 and was out all day. I met up my group of friends, and saw people I haven't seen in forever on First Street. It was kind of amazing, everyone coming together (and getting drunk) just like one giant group of friends. Excluding the occasional drama between two of my very good guy friends (which I had to step in and intervene) it was a very good day. I'm so happy to live here. It's seriously such a wonderful place to be, sure, it gets a little boring but life is what you make of it! xoxo

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