Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Day Has Come

Melissa and I are currently packing all of our stuff and cleaning the apartment.. I cannot believe that the day is here.. We're leaving.. I honestly can say that I will miss New York so much. This place has taught me so much the past month. This place is so magical. I made connections, I had meetings, I met people and can honestly say that I have friends in New York City. I'm so grateful that I was even able to come on this trip. I don't even have much to say because I still have so much to do for our departure tomorrow.
I cant wait to see everyone at home, it sucks my best friend Hannah leaves for college like a week after I come home.. I miss the heat and the sun and my mommy and Munkie and believe it or not.. I miss my step dad too.
We leave early evening tomorrow.. See you soon, Jax.

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